Introducing 3-in-1 Eye Cream by Collagenna

Michael Arnkvarn

Posted on February 06 2018

Collagenna Skin Care Product's new 3 in 1 Eye Cream contains high concentrations of Pure Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides for maximum results. This is a professional quality product for use at home as it contains nearly 30% of actives. The Anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting properties make this a must product to have.

Collagenna’s uses pure marine collagen which has been extracted in a proprietary method, using a ‘cold-pressed’ process which only extracts the fine soluble collagen molecules. This maximizes the hydrating and regenerative properties of our collagen.

Collagenna also uses hyaluronic acid which has a very small molecular weight as the initial molecule is reduced in size through a fermentation process. This allows the hyaluronic acid molecule to penetrate the skin and it both moisturizes as well as act a carrier for other actives.

Our peptides will penetrate the skin and help stimulate the production of one’s own collagen.

All of these products in combination with our natural cream make this a superior product that gives results. This may be purchased on line at at an introductory special price. 

About Collagenna Skin Care Products Inc- Collagenna specializes in product that contain marine collagen or help stimulate the production one's own collagen. The Company also operates several Anti-Aging clinics in Ottawa, Canada and also offers professional products and protocols to other skin care clinics across North America.

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