Testimonials & Reviews


Collagenna has great products that make a huge impact on my small business and their staff is always helpful and easy to deal with.

L.M. , November 12, 2015


I found the customer service is really efficient, quick and very polite. The Collagenna products have been every effective for me and customers. very recommendable for great skin to anyone. Thanks!

L S, November 12, 2015


I had a lot of questions before I purchased Collagenna products and Michael Arnkvarn was extremely patient, helpful and generous.



I loved the product and I did email some questions which were promptly answered.

DD November 19, 2015


Michael is friendly and responds quickly to emails. I'm a repeat customer because the Marine collagen helps keep my skin youthful. 



My Mom and I had a girls day and it was fantastic. Not only did we look and feel great, Anika is the best. My Mom and I are going to be regular customers. My only advice would be, 1 at a time is lengthy. If you are going with another, 1 of you make your app't 1 hour later. Great Non-surgical facelift. Shannon (Really works)

October 15, 2015


A nice, relaxing experience

October 05, 2015


Excellent service and facial. I'm returning

September 03, 2015


I enjoyed my treatment so much! The owner is so sweet. You won't be sorry going there!

August 06, 2015


Noticed a difference in my skin afterwards & purchased another treatment.

July 09, 2015


I see some difference after only 1 treatment but you should be aware that it takes 4 treatments to achieve great results. I will be going back.

June 30, 2015


Annetta was very professional and did a great job on a rejuvenating facial and exfoliation

June 30, 2015


The service was great, very friendly lady, everything as expected.

June 23, 2015


Very professional and knowledgeable staff.

March 30, 2015


I did not like the sales pressure that you have to purchase a 2nd session before seeing results and that you had to purchase it at that time to get the groupon rate. I found the approach rude and aggressive.

March 30, 2015


Staff was very helpful, professional and friendly.

August 09, 2013 


I had a very good experience and the staff at Collagenna were very friendly and professional. I am going back in two weeks for another appointment.

August 03, 2013


Today is my 13th treatment- I first came to Collagenna with my swarmjam coupon I purchased online. Mardi did an excellent job of explaining all of the other services that you offer over and above just facials. After having two children, I'm always interested in finding ways to improve my body. Mardi was able to make the treatments affordable for the microcurrent, and I have opted for the 21 series of treatments for my face, tummy and buttocks area.

My whole life I have had quite a flat bum and within only a few treatments I could see a noticeable lift. After 13 treatments I have lost a total of 13 inches off my whole belly, I have the bum of a 20 year old and my face is looking more refreshed and wrinkle free.

This has truly been the best self investment and Mardi is a pleasure to work with.

Melissa Robinson, Ottawa Ontario, Jan 22, 2013


The lotion truly cleared up Dave's arms which had been diagnosed as Psoriasis as well as other diagnosis. Now it looks like regular skin. No redness, dryness or skin breaks. Wonderful lotion! Thank you so much! 

Lynne, Vermont, November 2012


Hello, I ordered your night cream(Mahonia Pro-Hydration) and I am extremely satisfied. Already after one week, I am getting compliments on my skin.

SD  Ontario, Canada


Hi Michael Thank you so much for your generosity.  You really do have an amazing product.  I don't have wrinkles on my forehead or eyes but the lower corners of my mouth have deep wrinkles and they really bother me.  DERMA MAGIC has really softened the appearance of this area and I am very happy.  I am sending an e-mail to WAG JAG as a testimonial as well

Thanks again JJ


Thank you so much for your extraordinary products! I’m looking forward to continued and expanding success using them both professionally and personally. 

CR in Ontario, Canada


I have been using Collagenna products for six months, and I can clearly see a difference in my skin. It is much softer and smoother.

DS in Ontario, Canada

I have been using the Collagenna products for over a year. It has changed my skin completely with less lines and wrinkles. My skin feels and looks like silk. The New DermaResolve™ Peptide Serum has taken years off my face. I really enjoy the product and would recommend it to professionals for use in their businesses.   I have sold this product to most of my clients who have experienced its use during a facial.

DA in Ontario, Canada

I have been suffering from pain in my right wrist due to continued repetitive movements at work. I started using two Collagenna Collagen Capsules a day and in three weeks, I regained full mobility of my wrist and most of the discomfort has disappeared. Amazing!

MA in Ontario, Canada

I suffer from a little eczema on my body and I have been using two Collagenna Skin Defence Complex and two Marine Collagen Capsules every evening for the past month, and my skin has stopped itching. The eczema has cleared up and on top of that, my stretch marks on my ankles and buttocks have disappeared, and my forehead feels like I am using creams on it every day, which I am not. Incredible!

RZ in Norway

I started using the Derma Resolve again and use it twice a day without any problems it seems. I have the strange skin as sometimes it will react to something and the next time it does not. All I can say about this product is it is AMAZING!! I noticed within a week my neck wrinkles are still there but they are a lot softer looking and not as deep. I love it, finally a product that does what it says. I wonder if it will get even better the longer we use it?

Debbie in Ontario, Canada