Insulin Resistance - Should I Be Concerned?

Michael Arnkvarn

Posted on February 06 2018

Well Yes? As we age our body’s metabolism slows down affecting rate of calorie burn. The girth around our midsection begins to grow further accelerating the process. Over time this added weight begins to wear out our joints and tendons adding to the problem. Ultimately this effect has us going for the Hovaround at Wal-Mart. Is that how you want to shop?

One of the main causes of this is how our body is processing the sugar we are digesting. Research has shown that over time the insulin we produce becomes less effective, ultimately leading us to a diabetic or pre-diabetic condition. This pre-diabetes, or what is known as insulin resistance, makes you fat and tired, sapping the energy right out of you. Many will try to reverse this by just exercising 25 to 30 minutes a day and cutting back on portions. This may work for some folks but for many the insulin resistance condition will only allow them to lose a few pounds and after that the scale won’t budge. Frustration mounts and you end up giving up only to gaining the weight back.

Insulin Resistance - What is it?

When you cells start to become insensitive to insulin it is a condition that is known as Insulin Resistance, or pre-diabetes. Since insulin is crucial in giving the body the tools to allow glucose inside, when your cells won’t ‘open’ for glucose, then all that extra sugar that is left in the bloodstream will get stored.

Insulin Resistance – The Snowball Effect

When your cells aren’t getting all the glucose they need they get hungry. Soon the signal for more glucose is launched and your brain lets you know. Cravings for all the good stuff mount and soon you find yourself grabbing a snack. Folks with an insulin resistant condition are more likely to store these sugars and carbohydrates as fat than burn off with exercise or energy burning event. Quit simply your body has become less effective at processing the added carbs and resorts to fat storage as a means to get added sugar out of the bloodstream.

Insulin Resistance – What are the Symptoms

There are many symptoms of insulin resistance but on the most obvious is weight gain, especially in the belly. Others includes energy drains (mid-day), difficulty sleeping, mood swings, frequent headaches, and trouble focusing. If you suffering any combination of these conditions, you are probably experiencing insulin resistance. Those with a family history of type II diabetes, abdominal weight (belly fat) or a history of infertility (PCOS) are especially vulnerable to insulin resistance.

Insulin Resistance – Ways to reverse

The most obvious place to start is to lose weight but it actually goes a little deeper than that. What we really need to look at is the reason you may of gain the added weight in the first place. Educating yourselves on food and how it affects the body is a good place to start. Many don’t realize that eating plain white bread will reach the blood stream faster as sugar than eating sugar. It’s ultimately a reflection of what we eat and drink on a daily basis that helps produce an insulin resistance condition. Eliminating process foods rich in carbs and sugars is a good place to start but knowing why you need to eliminate them is the key.

Other ways to reverse an insulin resistance condition include:

  • Vigorous exercise for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week.
  • Monitor Carb intake for each meal
  • Have a diet that is rich in vegetables & protein

Insulin Resistance – A boost from Nature

Exercise and diet are two of the best way to combat insulin resistance, however looking to nature is also key. Two of nature’s creations that have been clinically proven to be effective in assisting the body in fighting this potentially deadly condition are cinnamon and Panax ginseng. However getting these two in high enough concentrations to be effect without a toxic effect is difficult. The good news here is CinG-X Corporation has come up with a solution. They have a patented pill that has not only has been concentrated but also has had any toxic elements removed. To learn more about this new supplement from nature click here.

Insulin Resistance - Summary

The secret that unlocks a body’s cells to permit glucose inside is insulin. The condition where your cells become insensitive to insulin is call insulin resistance. When your cells fail 'open' for glucose, the additional sugar that is left in the blood stream gets store as fat. Over time this excess fat begins to accelerate the problem and soon we find ourselves in a deadly diabetic or pre-diabetic condition. The good news here is that insulin resistance is totally reversible. Occasionally it requires medication, but most of the time, patents have the ability to reverse their insulin resistance by making lifestyle changes like consuming balanced meals and establishing a rigorous exercise routine.

Another why to effectively combat this potentially deadly condition is to turn to nature and Panax ginseng and cinnamon is the key. Clinical research has shown that both supplements have the ability to assist the body in its processing of sugar. Getting them in the right form and quantity can prove to be difficult, however CinGx Incorporated has a solution. They have produced an inexpensive patented capsule that when taken regularly assists the body in fighting insulin resistance. To learn more about this supplement click here.

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